Tile & Grout

Put away the mop and bucket and let Priceless Services get your grout and tile back to “new” again.  Mopping can actually contribute to soiled grout lines because they are so porous.  If your mop and water are not completely clean on every stroke, the grey water will be absorbed in, which over time leads to dull dirty tile and grout.  Let Priceless Services use its powerful system to clean your tile and grout.  We can use very hot water (steam) in conjunction with extreme vacuum to lift out all the embedded soil in your tile and grout making it look “new” again.

Color Sealing

Ever have your grout look dingy and splotchy after you have had it cleaned?  Sometimes grout will deteriorate and look dingy depending on what was used to clean it or other circumstances.  If this is the case with your grout, then call Priceless Services and get it color sealed and give it a “new” look.  You can also change an existing color if you like, either way, you will love the “new” look of your grout.